The Type 62-2 Track Edition

The Type 62-2 Track Editions are limited run of up to 12 vehicles, with each commission being explicitly tailored to the clients’ specifications. Each unique vehicle will showcase the latest technology, developed on the road car, and further enhanced and engineered for the track.


3.5L V6


600 HP


2.9 SEC

Top Speed

181 MPH


980 KG

The Track Editions benefit from an exclusive ‘Track Package’ which includes a Sparco bespoke racing overalls and driving shoes, SALT driving sunglasses as well as a helmet and racing gloves. A special edition car cover will also be available. 


The Track Editions will also be eligible for specialist tyre support from Yokohama, as well as an extra set of wheels and tyres, tyre warmers, a laser alignment kit and a car specific tool set by Mac Tools. Drivers will also have the unique opportunity to train with Jenson Button and Tanner Foust at the Radford Racing School.

There is also the exciting chance for customers to be part of in-class driving series races.